Press Release

+ June 2016

Garnerville Arts & Industrial Center President Robin Rosenberg Radio Interview
On June 20, 2016, GARNER President Robin Rosenberg was interviewed by Clare Sheridan on the Historical Society of Rockland County’s radio program, Crossroads of Rockland History.

“We turn our attention to the Garner Arts Center, a 19th century textile mill that has been transformed into a vibrant cultural art center in Garnerville. Robin Rosenberg, president of the Garnerville Arts Project Inc. (GAP), also known as Garner Arts Center since its founding in 2003, sheds light on this dynamic place that continues to grow and change.” Rockland County Historical Society

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+ September 2016

GARNER Arts Center presents: Bora Yoon
Described by the New York Times as “mesmerizing” and by KoreAm Journal as “totally unique,” Korean-American composer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Bora Yoon is a passionately interdisciplinary artist who conjures audiovisual soundscapes using digital devices, voice and found objects and instruments from a variety of cultures and historical centuries — to formulate an audiovisual storytelling through music, movement and sound...

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+ February 2016

Anthony Haden-Guest on Garner Arts Center’s Stroke of Genius
If this show has something of a family feel, it’s not because there’s any resemblance in the work, but because these three artists are true to their Lower East Side roots. They make their work as if the rules of the art world game do not in any meaningful sense exist. In this outlook, they represent an outsider element for which the art world is hungry...

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GARNER Arts Center Presents: Batman v. Superman Executive Producer, Batman Visionary and Former President and Publisher of DC Entertainment Come Together for One Night
GARNER Arts Center will honor the career of esteemed comic book writer/editor Denny O’Neil, a Rockland County resident, on March 5th, 2016. The event, sponsored by DC Entertainment, is timed with the release of the new Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice film (March 25th, 2016) and is a part of GARNER’s 2015-2016 Season, sponsored by Orange & Rockland Utilities...

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+ January 2016

Building Buzz: Garner Arts Center Unveiled
The sprawling mill complex has already transformed itself from a calico printing plant to a setting for local art. Now, four years after a brush with a natural disaster, it continues to build on a buzzing cultural scene with an ambitious series of innovative programs, exhibitions, performances, talks and concerts...

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+ October 2014

Preservation League Awards Grant from Donald Stephen Gratz Preservation Services Fund
The Preservation League recently made a $5,800 grant to the GARNER Arts Center, the not-for-profit arm of the Garnerville Arts & Industrial Center...

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+ March 2014

Garnerville Arts Gets Landmark Status
The Garnerville Arts and Industrial Center has just been listed to the National Register of Historic Places...

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+ October 2013

Photographer Spencer Tunick Settles into New Studio
People get naked for Spencer Tunick. Sometimes, thousands of them at once...

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