The Ned Harris
Education Studio

NEXT SESSION: June 24 - July 29


GARNER Arts Center is pleased to announce the opening of the Ned Harris Education Studio. Community members can have the experience of working alongside professional artists within the artist community that is the GARNER Historic District. Classes are being offered in painting, photography, 3d printing, fabrics & more.  

The Ned Harris Education Studio is generously supported by
TAYLOR and the Ned Harris Family.

Ned Harris (1925 - 2016)
A great photographer, artist, curator and beloved friend.

Drawing to Painting
Faculty: Ursula Schneider (Biography)

June, 24 - July, 29
Saturdays 9:30 AM - 11:50 AM
Building 24 studio G
[6 sessions for $120] SOLD OUT
[all levels, recommended ages 15+]

Students will practice drawing with different medias such as pencil, charcoal and soft pastel leading into painting with Neocolor II. Neocolor II is a crayon that when used with water and a brush will become a painting. The goal of this class is to inspire students to discover how drawing can connect you to the world around you. Drawing subjects will vary depending on student interest and will include drawing from observation, drawing as process and creating abstractions with geometry. Students will need to bring; general drawing pad and a hot pressed watercolor pad, a box for pencils and erasers

3D Printing Workshop - Jewelry Design
Faculty: Jason Fishner (Biography)

Saturday, June 24 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Building 24 studio G
[1 session for $65, this class is only offered 1 time as an intensive workshop]

This class truly demonstrates the power of 3D printing. Students will have approximately 1 hour to sketch their designs and receive feedback on the 3D printablity of the design. Then, students will have the opportunity to learn about 3D modeling and how quickly designs can be transformed into digital models. As a class, one design will be selected to be printed during class and subsequently assembled into wearable jewelry. After the class, FISH3D will finalize all sketches and/or 3D models and have finished pieces shipped to the student's doorstep!

3D Printing Workshop - Fidget Spinner Design/Assembly/Experimentation
Faculty: Jason Fishner (Biography)

Saturday, July 22 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Building 24 studio G
[1 session for $65, this class is only offered 1 time as an intensive workshop]

Students use visual directions, graphic organizers, charts, and activities to determine the average length of a spin of their spinner. They will compare this to the class data to see which design styles and technique yield the longest spin time. Students will use this information to design the ideal fidget spinning! 

I will bring (5) fidget spinners (3D printed) to class, for students to perform experiments. Once the experiments are complete, we will design a custom fidget spinner!

Film Production
Faculty: Frank Vitale (Biography)

June, 25 - July, 30
Sundays 2:30 PM – 4:50 PM
Building 24 studio G
[6 sessions for $90]
[all levels, recommended ages 15+]

Short films on smartphones – (all versions of smartphones welcome). We will cover all aspects: conceiving, scripting, preproduction, shooting, editing and distribution. You will end up with a finished film that you can show to your friends and post on YouTube. Students will need access to an at-home computer for editing outside of the hours of the course. Some comfort with technology and the internet will be helpful.

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