There was an America Before Us
Photographs by Albert Hong
On View Now in the Industrial Arts Brewing Company Tasting Room

Albert Hong is a New York-based photographer and a Vice President at The Blackstone Group. His unorthodox background in the financial sector, quite literally defined by a two-block radius surrounding the intersection of 52nd and Park, has resulted in his photographic work consistently seeking to explore interpretations of escape, vastness, and surreality found throughout the natural world. His work’s driving intention remains to rekindle our fascination for, appreciation of, and above all, a desire to conserve our only home.

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3rd Annual GARNER Arts Center Members’ Exhibition
March 9 - April 7, 2019
Opening Reception:
Saturday, March 9th at 7pm
Gallery Hours:
March 16, 23, & 30 & Apr.6 - 1:00 - 5:00 PM
Join us for the opening of the 3rd Annual Members’ Exhibition.

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Ascent to the Starry Unknow,  Sharon Falk

Ascent to the Starry Unknow, Sharon Falk

Gravity’s Wings
Paintings by Sharon Falk
On View October 4 - December 27th in the Industrial Arts Brewing Company Tasting Room
Opening October 4th - Live Music with Robert Hill & Joanne Lediger

In the series of paintings I use the images of birds in an exploration of a moment of time that encompasses the source of light as knowledge, art and the lightness of spirit. It is the gesture of wild things, boldly emerging from places of containment or darkness into an awareness of discovery. They exist in a delicate moment of balance in space, and I seek to portray this energy even in stillness. I am interested in moments of expanded time, a gesture that is fleeting but remains in memory as infinite in its completeness. Through the images of wild things, birds in flight, animals in motion, I attempt to get close to their natural state of freedom. They embody the power in each of us in our relation to earthbound struggles, along a path that is both arcane and familiar in a timeless way. In exploring the aura around all things, I am drawn to that light from an unknown source, and the desire to pay attention to the vanishing language written on the land and all nature.
- Sharon Falk