+ November 2017

From the Ground Up Gala November 4th, 2017 GARNER celebrated the new and exciting changes for GARNER Arts Center, a non-profit interdisciplinary arts center, and leading force behind the transformation of the 19th century former textile mill, the GARNER Historic District. The advancement of a thriving arts, business & cultural district is central to GARNER Arts Center's mission, a mission that will over time positively transform the local and regional communities. We celebrated our growth to date and raise support for the growth to come. In true GARNER Arts Center fashion, guests can expect an evening of artistic surprises. Get a special sneak peek of Building 35 during cocktail hour, enjoy site specific installations, immerse yourself in live arts experiences, local food, craft beverages, a silent auction, music, and after hours dj set round out this evening of art, sound and building upwards!

+ October 2017

AUTUMN ELECTRONIX FESTIVAL- October 21, 2017 ANNIHILVS POWER ELECTRONIX proudly joins forces with the Garner Arts Center for the GARNER ARTS AUTUMN ELECTRONIX FESTIVAL, a specially-curated selection of seven live acts representing many varied facets of electronic music. Annihilvs is an independent underground record label founded by Rockland County native Lee M. Bartow in the Summer of 1997. Specializing in a broad spectrum of obscure forms of music, the label has since expanded to include several artists from around the globe. A great many live events in New York, and beyond, have been organized under the label's aegis, featuring acts reflecting many facets of the international underground music community. In August 2017, the label celebrates its twentieth anniversary.

Featuring: VOID VISION - Analog Darkwave SNOWBEASTS - Cold Synthesis BASTET - Ambient Techno ARIADNE - Sacred Electronics COMPACTOR - Rhythm & Noise THE HOLY CIRCLE - Ethereal Pop _Floor_Funktion Pope Joan II Le Bourreau SPECIAL APPEARANCE: Sam Johnson - Ambient Guitar; Gretchen Heinel - Performance Artist

VISUAL ART Worlds Within Shadows, Curated by Gretchen Heinel, Featuring the work of; May Moore, Maidenfed, Enok Ripley, Josh Yelle, Gretchen Heinel, Crystal Lee Lucas, Rant, Eli Sleepless, Derek Rush, Numi Prasarn, Dorothy Schmidt, Mark Ash, Karly Perez, Jessee Egan

This program was sponsored, in part, by Rockland County Tourism and the Garnerville Arts & Industrial Center.

+ September 2017

Brick Alley Block Party- September 23rd Back for a third year, this party is quickly becoming one of the most talked about in Rockland County. Brick Alley Block Party celebrates the opening of GARNER’s 2017 – 2018 Season and the one-year anniversary of the on-site craft brewery, Industrial Arts Brewing Company. Brick Alley Block Party is an after-hours event filled with immersive art, food trucks, a milk and cookie cart & craft beverage bars in three connecting industrial spaces and culminating in a sundown dj set with MAX SPRAUER in a 19th century Brick Alleyway. This year boasts a lineup including a world premiere virtual reality performance, a funk steel drum band, painted women, silk installations, site specific dance, art exhibitions, light sculptures and more. At this year’s event, GARNER Arts Center welcomes the world premiere of Virtual Reality performance, Mechanica, an exploration of GARNER Arts Center as told through a Virtual World.

Mechanica is an evening-length work created in collaboration between visual artist Leo Castaneda and musician Molly Joyce. Featuring projections of Castaneda's virtual environments along with a live musical performance by Joyce on her vintage toy organ, the work will explore the deep yet perhaps ambiguous history and future of GARNER Arts Center that can leave much up to one's imagination. Mechanica address GARNER Arts Center’s history as a textile mill, reflected in Castaneda's virtual animations which fall between fashion and sculpture, questioning exactly what can be considered what and at what point do the facets of the textile mill become something to be preserved and relished rather than disregarded. Lasting around 30 minutes, the work will be performed throughout the evening in GARNER Arts Center’s stunning 8,000 sq ft Dye Works Warehouse space.

Confirmed artists included; Composer/Performer Molly Joyce and Virtual Artist Leo Castaneda, DJ Max Sprauer, The Chapman Brothers, Reid Stowe, Hudson Valley Ballet Company, Jamie Gaviola, Jamie Kimak, Adam Garey

This event was sponsored by; Rockland County Tourism, Industrial Arts Brewing Company, Garnerville Arts & Industrial Center, Rockland Music Center. Thank you to Arts Center/South Florida for the help in creating Mechanica.

Pitch Thursdays - September 7th Rockland Guitarist Eric DiVito performed as a part of the “Pitch Thursdays Series”; an art & music series curated by the GARNER Arts Center for the Industrial Arts Brewing Company Tasting Room. DiVito has been leading his own groups and performing as a sideman in the NYC area since 2003. He has performed at many of NYC's top Jazz clubs and venues including Smalls, The Iridium, The Kitano, The Garage, the 55 Bar, Swing 46, and many more as well as regional and international touring. Eric performs a mix of traditional, straight ahead and modern Jazz, often featuring his own original compositions. Eric has also performed and recorded with some of NYC's greatest Jazz musicians and has worked in orchestras and Jazz groups for Carnival Cruise lines and The Bateaux NY.

Art on view – September 7th – November 9th – Joe Fusaro: Joe Fusaro examines simple gestures in order to create surprising and simultaneously familiar images. This collection of work, inspired by his 2013 SoHo exhibition, “On Paper”, utilizes architectural elements and spaces to initiate smaller drawings, creating companion pieces for the large scale works.

+ August 2017

Samuel Johnson AT CREEKSIDE - Thursday, August 17th

A night of live music in our Creekside Sculpture Trail. Sam Johnson returns to this serene spot for a night of creekside guitar.

Check out Sam Johnson's Music: https://soundcloud.com/samuelgeorgejohnson/sets/demo-songs

+ July 2017


A night of live music in our Creekside Sculpture Trail. Jill Hartmannjoined us from Beacon for a mellow night of creekside guitar. Pack a picnic dinner and a blanket/chair and take a Thursday evening unwind!*

*Jill Hartmann was raised in Louisiana and the child of two musical families, Jill began singing at a very young age. Her first concrete passion aside from singing was poetry, writing volumes of verse starting from the time she was 8 years old which would inevitably aid in her songwriting in later years. Eventually she would attend Louisiana State University for poetry but along the way, her true love of music made its way back into her life. At the age of 20, Jill started teaching herself how to play the guitar, emulating such legendary folk finger-pickers as Joni Mitchell. The result is a unique and immediately identifiable style all her own.

check out Jill Harmann's music here: https://myspace.com/jillhartmann/music/songs

+ June 2017

OUTDOOR SHORTS - June 23 & 24

Audiences enjoyed a series of curated short films by New York filmmakers on two evenings over a single weekend. The films were projected on screens and unique surfaces at four outdoor locations throughout the historic mill complex. Audiences were greeted by live music, drinks, and an introduction from the Program’s Curator before the first screening. The evening concluded when the on-site craft brewery, Industrial Arts Brewing Company, let the audience in for a private after-hours screening and post-show discussion. The evening wa graciously curated by Joe Bilancio.

LINEUP: The Forger Directors: Samantha Stark and Alexandra Garcia

Joy Ride Director: Niav Conty

They Charge For The Sun Director: Terence Nance

Turnings Director: Robert Herzog

THE MILLNER Director: Meagan Cignoli

This program was made possible in part with funds from the Community Arts Grants Program of the Arts Council of Rockland and the decentralization program of the New York States Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature. This evening was sponsored in part by; Rockland County Tourism, Industrial Arts Brewing Company, Rockland Music Center, and the Garnerville Arts & Industrial Center.


Curator's Talk & Brick Alley Closing Reception Celebrating the Closing of A Dark Rock Surged Upon Faheem Haider, Curator

Saturday, June 10, 2017 - 3:00pm - 6:00pm

This program will begin in front of building 35, and then will continue on to tours of Building 19, 4w and 3b. Unfortunately due to damage caused by Hurricane Irene and the Historical Complex, building 35 is not ADA accessible (the other spaces are accessible however). Help us change this by supporting the Building 35 Campaign TODAY. The program will conclude with a closing reception in our Historic Brick Alley.

Haider discusses A Dark Rock Surged Upon, on view in various locations throughout the GARNER Historic District. A Dark Rock Surged Upon, as spectacle, and as an exhibition of works of art installed, projected, and performed throughout GARNER Art Center’s remarkable decommissioned factory spaces, offers no answers; they are responses to contexts that feel jarringly new, cleaved by difference and dissembling. Instead, the works manifest the duty to pose questions about the current moment pressed upon many by racialized and gendered discrimination, our environmental challenges, urban decay and rural devastation, the wholesale assault on political credence, weaponization of worship, and the colonization of speech and mind.

Featuring work by; Todd Martin, Zachary Skinner, Francois Deschamps, Sigrid Sarda, Anthony Tino, Hedieh Ahmadi, Tiffany Smith, Tlisza Jaurique, Marcus Zilliox, Peter Iannarelli, Ryan Roa, Matthew Frieburghaus, Laura Kauffman, Chris Victor, Stephen Derrickson, Derek Stroup, Molly Stinchfield, Steve Rossi, Sadee Brathwaite, Heather Renee Russ, Rena Leinberger More information on A Dark Rock Surged Upon can be found here.

+ April 2017


GARNER Arts Center celebrated & honored Jim Jarmusch's latest film, Paterson, partially shot in the GARNER Historic District. Audiences enjoyed this acclaimed independent film in the 19th century dyeing warehouse, Dye Works. In his film Paterson, Jim Jarmusch explores the intersection between Humanism and Urbanism via a protagonist that functions as scribe and resident poet for the city he embodies. Paterson, the man, is curator of the perpetual hum of the urban apparatus in which he's a cog. The film is an alluring portrayal of the illuminations of William Carlos Williams in his long-form poem "Paterson" published in 1946. At once, Paterson is a man, a poem, a city. This screening was followed by an open discussion guided by film professionals exploring the themes presented in the film and poem and leading an important discussion about how these are relevant to an emergent movement to redefine urban and post-industrial places and to further understand how place is connected to civilization. This event was generously sponsored by RBC Wealth Management,Rooftop Films, and Industrial Arts Brewing Company

+ March 2017

PITCH THURSDAYS - Feb. 16, Mar. 9, Mar. 23

A Winter art series curated for the Industrial Arts Brewing Company Tasting Room. $5 suggested donation at the door.

FEATURING:Shlomo Franklin, Dreamt,David Yannuzzi

Opening Feb. 16th - Other Places. Language has its own special nature, its own conventions and communal ideas. But if language doesn’t change, if it seeks refuge in those conventions and if the communal ideas reflect only the past, language dies. This exhibition includes 17 paintings, 2 photographs, and 4 mixed media drawings. Participating Artists: Brian Leo, Gillian Ha, Z. Zarenger, Amy Morse, Tim Feresten, Viking Etiquette. Curated by Jonathan Shorr, Sofia Barbaresco and Jeff O'Neil

(n) : the property of a sound and especially a musical tone that is determined by the frequency of the waves producing it (v) : to add yeast to wort. (v) : to throw usually with a particular objective or toward a particular point (n) : the distance between two corresponding points on adjacent screw threads or gear teeth.

+ November 2016

BORA YOON - November 19, 2016
This site-specific musical performance engaged audiences’ visual and audio senses. Yoon is a passionate interdisciplinary artist who conjures audiovisual sound-scapes using digital devices, voice and found objects and instruments from a variety of cultures and historical centuries to formulate an audiovisual storytelling through music, movement and sound. Her work has been described by the New York Times as “exquisite…attractive and deeply personal creations.”

Bora Yoon at GARNER Arts Center. Nov. 19, 2016. Video Credit: Frank Vitale. Projections: Daniel Liss. Percussion: Chris Eddleton

+ September 2016

BRICK ALLEY BLOCK PARTY - September 24th, 2016

GARNER Arts Center opened the 2016 – 2017 Season with an evening of art, music, food and drink under a starlit Fall sky. Audiences came together to enjoy the opening of the Fall Exhibition, Transposing Perception, on display in GARNER’s stunning 8,000 square foot Dye Works warehouse space before enjoying music (PHOTAY)in Brick Alley– a unique 19th century space. Other artists confirmed to exhibit or perform at Brick Alley Block Party include: Carlye Eckert (site-specific dance), Vanessa Reyes (street art), Matt & Mark Enger (screen printing), Sarah Divi (installation art), Ryan Roa (installation art). More artists will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

+ June 2016

ARTIST TALK: Nelson Diaz - June 9, 2016

Nelson Diaz, commented on his exhibition Recyling Time on June 11th at 3pm. Recycling Time was on view in GARNER Arts 8,000 square foot Dye Works space from May 21st, 2016 - June 10th, 2016. Diaz explains, “Science, math, religion and history are basically stories we tell ourselves about our experience in life and the phenomenon we call energy”. Diaz is a resident of New York City and the Hudson Valley where he works as an artist.

+ April 2016

The Metropolis Organism with Filmmaker Frank Vitale - April 2, 2016

Renowned filmmaker and Rockland County resident, Frank Vitale, lead audiences through a unique media experience exploring cities as living, breathing organisms. The Metropolis Organism is comprised of a series of short films from the YouTube Channel and eBook of the same name. GARNER presented the films interspersed with discussion led by the film’s award winning Director. The Metropolis Organism is an exciting and eye- opening evolutionary perspective which offers clarity in our brave new technological world.

+ March 2016


GARNER honored the career of esteemed comic book writer/editor and Rockland County resident, Denny O’Neil. Mr. O’Neil, known as the Dean of American Comics and the visionary behind Batman for more than 40 years, received GARNER’s first Lifetime Achievement Award, timed with the release of the new Batman v. Superman film (March 25th, 2016). In exploration of an extraordinary career, Mr. O’Neil participated in a conversation with Michael Uslan, the Originator of the Batman movie franchise. Mr. Uslan is also Executive Producer of: Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice; Batman; Batman Returns; Batman: Mask of the Phantasm; Batman Begins; The Dark Knight; and The Dark Knight Rises. The conversation was moderated by Paul Levitz, former President & Publisher, DC Comics. O’Neil has worked as an editor/writer for DC Comics and Marvel Comics and as a writer at Charlton Comics. He has written for: Batman, Superman, Green Arrow, The Shadow and many more. O’Neil has written several novels, articles, short stories, reviews and teleplays, including the novelizations of the films Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. O’Neil has been honored with the 2014 Hall of Fame Award at Comicon and the Dye Works space will be filled with posters, artwork and videos from O’Neil’s extensive career.

+ November 2015

ASHLEY BATHGATE Performance - November 13, 2015

Renowned cellist, Ashley Bathgate, visited Garnerville for one night only for an evening of art intersecting with technology. Visitors enjoyed light and sound installations throughout the evening, including projections by acclaimed animator, M. Henry Jones, during the performance. [Ashley] Bathgate has been described as an “eloquent new music interpreter” (New York Times) who combines “bittersweet lyricism along with ferocious chops” (New York Magazine). Her “impish ferocity”, “rich tone” and “imaginative phrasing” (New York Times) have made her one of the most sought after performers of her time. The desire to create a dynamic energy exchange with her audience and build upon the ensuing chemistry is a pillar of Bathgate’s philosophy as a performer. Her affinity to dynamism drives Bathgate to venture into previously uncharted areas of ground-breaking sounds and techniques, breaking the mold of a cello’s traditionally perceived voice. She is a member of the award winning, internationally acclaimed sextet, Bang on a Can All-Stars, as well as two chamber groups of which she is a founding member: TwoSense and Bonjour.

+ October 2015

BRICK ALLEY BLOCK PARTY - October 10, 2015

During this multi-media event, you will encounter unexpected artworks, films and daring inventions by the artist, scientist and inventor, M. Henry Jones. Sip on Lagunitas Beer & Awestruck Hard Cider or enjoy a glass of wine while savoring gourmet grilled cheese from Fat & Happy Grilled Cheese Emporium and artisanal ice cream from Penny Lick Ice Cream. Starting at 7:30, audiences came together under a clear Fall sky in Brick Alley to catch an intimate concert (MASEGO).