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Painting to Drawing, Summer 2017, Ursula Schneider. Photo Credit: Amanda Weber

Painting to Drawing, Summer 2017, Ursula Schneider. Photo Credit: Amanda Weber

NEXT SESSION: September 30 - October 28
Enjoy a diverse lineup of 3 hour workshops with professional artists! 

September 30th   10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
The New iPhone Movie Studio (Click here to sign up)
Faculty: Frank Vitale
$52 per seat

Get up and running on iPhone video production. Learn how to shoot professional video, get good audio, edit on your iPhone and more. Just bring your iPhone and your imagination and start preparing your Academy Award acceptance speech.

October 7th   10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
NATURAL DYES IN TEXTILE DESIGN (Click here to sign up)
Faculty: Jamie Kimak
$52 per seat

Exploring two different traditional textile design processes through the use of natural dyes and synthetic textile paints. In this workshop, students will get a brief intro into the history of natural dyes and the development of synthetic dyes during the industrial revolution. The first process is shibori, which is a traditional Japanese process of binding and tying the acts as a resist method for creating designs on fabric through using the natural dye indigo as our dye for the dye bath. The second process is called batik, which it is also a resist process using no toxic soy wax and textile paints. Batik has been a traditional textile design process, practiced in cultures of the Middle East, India, Central Asia and Africa. Students may bring their own fabric/clothing and leave with a wearable design of their own. 

Saturday, October 14th   10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Faculty: Diane Churchill
$52 per seat

Explore color interaction and color theory with playful exercises. Our work is designed to expand one’s understanding of how color works, and to heighten one’s awareness of its endless possibilities. In addition, each student will explore her/his personal relationship to color, finding the color interactions which most express their nature. We will work with paint, your choice of watercolor or acrylic, and colored papers. materials needed: sketchbook, 9” x 12” or larger, paint, either watercolor or acrylic, brushes (three small ones, one round, one flat, and your choice), palette of some kind for mixing colors, scissor.

Saturday, October 21st 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
(click here to sign up)
Faculty: Joe Fusaro
$52 per seat

This workshop, open to students age 13 and up, explores approaches to drawing utilizing mixed and non-traditional media. Using Joe Fusaro's current exhibition at Industrial Arts Brewing Co. as a starting point, this workshop will explore methods and strategies inspired by contemporary artists in order to create a mini-portfolio of works linked to an individualized theme. Please bring a sketchbook and some basic drawing materials. Extra materials will be provided.

Saturday, October 28th   10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
BEYOND “POINT & CLICK” (click here to sign up)
Stepping up your digital photography skills
Faculty: Susan Stava
$52 per seat

This class is for hobbyist and budding photographers comfortable with the basics of their digital camera and looking to expand their knowledge. The course will encourage new ideas in lighting, composition, exposure and other necessary skills to be able to capture important moments throughout your world. Students should bring their own digital cameras and should already be knowledgeable in the basics: turning the camera on/off, reviewing images, basic focusing techniques etc.

The Ned Harris Education Studio is generously supported by
TAYLOR and the Ned Harris Family.


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CUSTOM ART PARTIES: We have a wonderful community of artists with decades of collective experience in arts education. Let us design a custom birthday party for any age! Painting, figure drawing, collage, photography, videography – the list goes on! The Ned Harris Education Studio is a beautiful, sun filled artist studio space in the largest artist studio building within the GARNER Historic District. Parties can supply their own food & drink, and we’ll supply the tables, chairs, and the ART! For more information and to reserve your CUSTOM ART PARTY. (Custom art parties directly benefit GARNER Arts Center's educational programming initiatives) To reserve, contact us via email or by phone at 845-947-7108

Ned Harris (1925 - 2016)
A great photographer, artist, curator and beloved friend.