Paintings by Jean Manning
On View July 19 - September 30th in the Industrial Arts Brewing Company Tasting Room
Opening July 19th - Live Music with Collective Brass presenting Brews & Brass

  Passage,  by Jean Manning

Passage, by Jean Manning

In this collection of oil paintings I am expressing the emotions associated with passages. Passages in the sense of moving through or past some time or place in one’s life.

The figurative work originates from my family photo album. I know exactly what was happening when the photo was taken, but alterations in the narrative are made when the snapshot becomes a painting. Within each painting are very personal stories of love, innocence, loss, betrayal and sadness. The moment when the photo was taken has now been altered with the passage of time and memory. The story changes.

In the smaller abstract paintings I’m using cold wax mixed with oil paint and applying on wood with various rubber and metal spatulas. There is less control in the application, yet each painting evolves into similar shapes and conveys an inevitable expression of loss, anger or sadness with recurring motifs of dark holes, passageways or floating singular objects.