Velvet Scarf Devore Burnout

Velvet Burnout Class.jpg
Velvet Burnout Class.jpg

Velvet Scarf Devore Burnout


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Sat., Nov. 30th - noon - 4pm
Sat., Dec. 7th - noon - 4pm
Sat., Dec. 15th - noon - 4pm
Cost: $80 + $15 Materials Fee + $1 cc fee
Faculty: Jamie Kimak

This workshop will explore the process of hand dying velvet fabrics and then applying Devore-Burnout techniques to create beautifully unique designs. Burnout techniques fabrics are thought to have originated in France, possibly as a cheap alternative to lace. The technique was popularized in the 1920s – typically used on evening gowns and shawls and continues to be considered high-end fabric in the apparel industry because of the beautiful effect it displays.

Students will be able to apply their own designs with technique and create their own velvet devore scarf.

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