Natural Dyeing 101

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Natural Dyeing 101


Natural Dyeing 101  
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Sun., Sept. 22nd 1-4pm
Sun., Oct. 13th 1-4pm
Sun., Oct. 26th 1-4pm
Cost: $60 + $15 Materials Fee + $1 CC fee
Faculty: Jamie Kimak

In this 3 hour intensive workshop, we will learn the basics of dyeing fabric using natural materials to extract color. This workshop will explore a variety of natural dyes and pigments including natural dye sources that come from plants, berries and household vegetables. In addition we will discuss what mordants are, how to use them to fix color to fabrics and how they can also influence and alter the color of natural dyes.

Students will be given handouts on different types of natural dyes that provides info on what colors they produce and will create their very own color sample library of the different natural dyes used in the workshop to then take home for future reference.

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