Give $25 and Enter to Win a James Tyler Sculpture

“GARNER: Grasshopper,” by James Tyler

“GARNER: Grasshopper,” by James Tyler

Making a donation at the $25 level or higher* makes you eligible to win a James Tyler GARNER Brickhead Assemblage valued at $2500**.

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Sculptor James Tyler, GARNER Arts Center’s Executive Director, has masterfully created the GARNER Brickhead Assemblages from the ruins of a natural disaster.  GARNER Arts Center was slammed by a hurricane, leaving a sea of mud, debris, bricks and steel in its wake. Picking through the remnants of the storm along the banks of the Minisceongo Creek,  Tyler has crafted the GARNER Brickhead Assemblages.

The limited edition Brickhead Assemblage Raffle Prize is available to Friends of building 35, Visionaries and Benefactors.  With your donation, you now have a chance to own a one-of-kind Brickhead Assemblage and support GARNER Arts Center’s “I am building 35 campaign”.

The GARNER Brickhead Assemblage Raffle Winner will be announced when “I am building 35”donations have reached 25% of our Goal or $137,500.

Additional information about the artist, James Tyler, can be found at:

Thank You and Good Luck!

* Donors in the Leader and Community Partner categories, who receive a James Tyler GARNER Brickhead Assemblage as a benefit for giving, will not be entered into the GARNER Arts Center Raffle to win an Assemblage.

** The winner’s Brickhead Assemblage will be similar to the images seen here. We cannot guarantee a specific Assemblage.